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it got much worse today, i could hardly function and had to do my best not to get sick in the car on both of my trips. i got enough sleep that i was able to eat a little bit ago and have some tea. i’m grateful for that, hopefully that means it’ll go away soon.

i just got done watching sherlock holmes: a game of shadows. i think i told you but i just got it at the mall last friday and was able to watch it today. i wasn’t so upset by it the first time i saw it in theatres, but this time when moriarty was threatening watson, the first time (when holmes visited him and got his autograph?) i actually cried. it was awful. this movie was probably a huge reason i was ever interested in graphology. too bad it’s not so easy to get a sample of someone’s handwriting when they aren’t such a celebrity…

9:27pm, 20th August 2012
tags:    #but in that case #you can learn a lot about celebrities #just by their john hancock
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